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Termites are pests that are classified under the cockroach family and are known to be the ancestors of cockroaches. They generally feed on wood, lead, animal dung, and soil. Further, termites are used in several traditional medicines and have even found their way in modern medical science.

The damage caused by termites can be severe, and it can infest your property and cause a tremendous loss in a short time. As termites are cryptic, they do not come out in the open, making it difficult to detect early. Positive Pest Control Adelaide is the leading termite control company in Adelaide and its surroundings. With our skilled termite control technicians, we aim to achieve cent-per-cent termite removal and control. Our technicians use eco-friendly and non-toxic chemicals that are safe for your family members, including pets. Our termite control method offers you a complete solution for these unwanted pesky pests.

Ways To Identify Termites 

Headbanging: One of the indications of termites is the clicking sound coming from your walls. When disturbed or at the sign of danger, soldier termites bang their head against the wood or shake their body to alert the colony. The worker termites are noisy eaters, and you can hear them if you put your ear close to the infested area.

Papery or hollow-sounding timber: Termites eat the insides of the timber. Thus, when you knock on the infested area, you will be able to hear a hollow or papery sound.

Tunnels in the wood: One of the most common signs of termites is tunnels in the wood. Termites frequently make tunnels made of mud or termite droppings. These tunnels offer them shelter and protection.

Expert Termite Inspections

If you are worried that our establishment is infested, call experts from Positive Pest Control Adelaide, and get your property inspected. Our master cleaners are experts in looking for termite signs in and around the establishments. We use modern tools and machines to detect termites that may go unnoticed to naked eyes. Our professionals are qualified to identify the infestation at the earliest and reduce the risk of damage to the property. Our certified termite control technicians use their training and experience to carry out a complete inspection of the house and office.

Following are the two termite inspections we offer:

Standard Termite Inspection

At Positive Pest Control, we use highly advanced termite detection tools and methods to inspect your property. We are an insured and certified termite control company. On average, it takes one hour for a termite inspection, depending on the size and type of the structure. For a 3 to 4 bedroom house, it would take approximately 2-3 hours. Post-inspection, we provide a detailed multi-page report with images and an explanation of the finding. Further, our pest control team also offers a few termites prevention tips.

Pre-Purchase Termite Inspection

Positive Pest Control offers a pre-purchase timber inspection service, so that you know what you are buying. We understand that buying a new house is a huge investment, and our termite inspector inspects all the accessible areas to look for termite and even check the level of moisture in wet areas. Our technicians will offer a detailed report of findings, to make an informed decision. All our technicians are trained, certified, and experienced. Call on +61480090710 to know more about the service.

Threats And Damages Caused by Termites 

Termite infestation can cause severe damage. If termites infest the wooden furniture in the house, such as cabinets, showpieces, beds, and other furniture, they might damage it to an extent that you would have to discard it. Ultimately result in money loss.

The insurance companies rarely cover termite-related damages.

Termite can even cause several diseases in humans. They make the environment unhygienic.

They even invade crops during the rainy season, resulting in loss to the farmer.

Ways for Termite Control Adelaide

Termite Monitoring System

We install termite monitoring stations on the property with termite infestation to monitor future termite infestation. These monitors need to be serviced every two to three months. With the help of these monitors, you can keep track of termite activity and reduce the risk of damage to the property due to termite infestation.

Chemical Soil Treatment

In this treatment, the chemical is applied around the perimeter of the building’s foundation and under the concrete flooring. Our termite exterminators are skilled, trained, and qualified to handle any kind of termite infestation at home or in business. Further, they work courteously, causing minimum disruption to routine and surroundings. Additionally, we use the latest and highly advanced termite control products for treatment.

Termite Dusting

Termite dusting products are aimed to destroy the colony. At Positive Pest Control Adelaide, we use dusting as the first step to reduce the activity of the termites at home and office. This method works best on the severe infestation. We use the dusting method for effective results and to reduce toxicity.

Termite Baiting

It is a modern and eco-friendly way of controlling termite infestation at home and office. Baits are one of the most preferred methods to remove termites from inside the structure or building. Our technicians place the termite baits inside the bait station. Further, the termite monitoring system installed inside the building and soil provides an early warning for termite infestation.

Termite Nest Destruction

If your building, house, or office is infested by termites, do not worry!! Positive Pest Control Adelaide got you covered. Our skilled and certified technicians will eliminate and control termites using the best methods. We take prompt action to remove the termite colony from your home.

Termite Control Adelaide Methods

Check the yards regularly: If you notice any kind of hole around the timber, tree, or stumps and happen to see termite around it, call our termite control Adelaide team immediately.

Keep an eye on timber products and timber in the house: Any imperfection in the timber products is a sign of termite infestation. On poking the furniture with a sharp object, you can easily access the hole made by termites. You can use adhesive tapes if there are fewer holes, but if there are more holes, discarding the furniture would be the best option to save others.

Regular annual termite inspection: To ensure minimum damage to the property, it is essential to have an annual termite inspection. Further, you can even install a termite monitor for early termite detection.

If you feel that the situation has got out of control, do not delay! Call our expert termite controllers immediately. We handle all sorts of pest infestation, no matter how severe the situation is. Contact Positive Pest Control Adelaide to experience the best termite control service at a reasonable price.


1. Are termites and white ants the same?

Yes, termites are also known as white ants, but termite is a more accurate word.

2. Do termites eat trees?

Yes, termites feed on leaves, trees, timber, and animal dung.

3. Do termites cause damage?

It is estimated that termites cause approximately 4-5 billion dollars of property damage in a year.

4. Is a termite control treatment expensive?

Positive Pest Control offers the best termite control treatment in Adelaide at an affordable price. Want to know the price? Call on +61480090710  now.

5. What to do if there are termites on the property?

The best thing to do is hire a professional termite controller. Positive Pest Control is the #1 termite control service provider in Adelaide. Call on +61480090710 to book an appointment.

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