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Are you anxious about the extensive range of cockroaches wandering at your place? Obtain the most excellent Cockroach control and removal inspection and protection on the same day. Simply call the Positive Pest Control Adelaide expert team. We are an accredited and top Pest Control Company in Adelaide, Australia. Our expert team has achieved many awards for the pest control treatment. Pests like cockroaches are found mostly at night, and they thrive in social surroundings. However, if you see any roaches around you during the day, then you need to be alert because it’s a sure indication that there’s cockroach infestation.

To prevent the infestation growing from these types of fizzy pests, we recommend you to hire Professional Cockroach Control Adelaide experts to control and exterminate all sorts of roaches from your place on the same day as well. Once you book our services, you can be assured that you will feel relaxed after removing the pesky insects. The treatment needs to be done before any disease takes place.

Would you like to stay in a home that is roaches-infested? This will only bring infections and disease to you and your loved ones. As a result, a safeguard plan is needed. It is vital to get the proper pest control and removal examination conducted for your house to avoid health problems.

Why choose Positive Pest Control Adelaide?

At Positive Pest Control Adelaide, we are dedicated to providing a reliable and most effective cockroach control Adelaide service that helps you to achieve a healthy environment for ensuring your wellbeing. The following characteristics make us different from other pest control companies:

Safe, family-friendly treatment procedures

Same/next day cockroach treatment service

Comprehensive prices, upfront quotes

Trained, certified, and experienced extermination specialists

Transparent, eco-friendly cockroach control Adelaide services

24×7 Availability for customers’ convenience

100% satisfaction guarantee

Cockroach Control and Removal Treatment Process:

We have designed a four-stage process for cockroach control in Adelaide. At Positive Pest Control Adelaide, we make use of the latest techniques and advanced tools to make sure the best cockroach treatment can give you lifelong results.

Cockroach Treatment Inspection:

Once you book our cockroach control Adelaide services, our qualified and skilled pest controllers will arrive at your location at your convenient time to conduct an inspection. They will do a thorough inspection to identify the type of cockroach, the damage to the property, the extent of the infestation, the health and hygiene risks, and more. The inspection pest control will also assist you to identify the factors, which promote the cockroach infestation at your property.

Cockroach Treatment Plan:

Depending on the inspection, we will generate a custom-made treatment plan to eliminate the cockroaches on your property. The treatment plan will have the type of treatment, the duration of the treatment, the instructions to the inhabitants, the expected results, and more. Be it any cockroach control in Adelaide, we know what type of treatment can deliver the best outcomes for every species.

The Extermination:

By conducting a suitable treatment plan, we will complete the termination procedure at your property. We use several treatment options; including cockroach fumigation, baits, and heat treatment, to remove cockroaches from your property. We at Positive Pest Control Adelaide help our customers to have their place free of adult cockroaches, nymphs, and eggs.

On-going Prevention:

Once the cockroach extermination procedure is done, on-going prevention is highly essential in getting enduring results. Our experts provide tricks and tips, particular to your property, and help you achieve a healthy environment around you. A few of these general tips consist of the regular sanitation and cleaning of your spaces, regular inspection of hidden areas of your property, eliminating moisture sources, and more.

Why timely elimination of cockroaches is important?

Additionally, to eating and contaminating food products, creatures like cockroaches carry various pathogens that can jeopardize your health. It’s a host to various types of bacteria, such as salmonella, staphylococcus, and streptococcus along with poliovirus.

Do you know that even the droppings of the cockroaches can transmit microbes? Yes, that’s true! These microbes may live for a few years in the droppings and pose a threat to you and your loved ones. The creatures like cockroaches can transmit the following types of diseases and can sometimes jeopardy the life of the affected individual as well:






Typhoid fever


Coli infections



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1. What are the signs to know there are cockroaches on my property?

The following signs can help you to conclude the infestation at your property. If you see these signs get to know that you need cockroach pest control:

Cockroach egg capsules

Cockroach droppings

Shed skin

Smear marks

Unusual odour

2. Which places do I need to look for hidden cockroaches?

You can look for places like cavities in walls, crevices & cracks, inside the pantry, behind the refrigerator, in and around decorative materials, inside kitchen cupboards, underneath sinks, inside drains, and grease traps.

3. How pest control can help remove cockroaches?

Hire our professional cockroaches control Adelaide services for effective removal of the entire cockroach population in your home. Our pest control experts install baits to remove cockroaches from your home permanently.

4. Why should I choose you?

You can choose us for the following reasons:

Fully guaranteed hassle-free cockroach control Adelaide service

No hidden costs

Clean, discreet service vehicles

Convenient options for payment

Appointments to suit your busy day

Fully licensed and insured

Over 20+ years of industry experience

Certified and friendly technicians

5. How often should I treat my property for cockroach control?

Our cockroach control Adelaide experts, recommend that you should be taken once every year to prevent any type of major infestation by the roaches. Call us at 0480090710 or ask for a FREE quote.

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