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Bees, just the name, can strike fear in people. They cause a lot of inconvenience and disturbance in commercial and residential places. It is one of the most common pests swarming in groups in and around establishments during spring. Hornet and Honeybee sting can even cause severe allergic reactions and may prove fatal. At Positive Pest Control Adelaide, we understand the importance of bees in our ecosystem. Therefore, we offer the best bee control methods to remove these pests without killing them or harming them in any way. Call on 0480090710 and hire our reliable bees control service today!!

Exceptional Honey Bees Control Adelaide and Prevention

Our expert beekeepers perform bee control treatment with extreme caution to ensure the safety of both your family and bees. Additionally, we can deal with all types of beehives in commercial and residential places.

Positive Pest Control Adelaide offers a wide range of customised treatments to relocate bees and their beehives and remove their invasion from your establishment. We do not believe in killing them, thus relocate them to a better and more suitable location.

Along with safely removing the bees and beehives, our professional beekeepers ensure that the bees do not set up their nest near the same place again in the future.

At Positive Pest Control, our priority is to remove bees from your establishment and relocate them safely. Further, if required, we take an aggressive approach to resolve the bees invasion, such as fogging them and relocating them. It is done to ensure the safety of the residents, neighbors, and technicians.

Professional Bees control Adelaide services are generally performed at night as the honey bees are less active during that point in time. We strictly use only organic and eco-friendly solutions to resolve the issue. All our honey bees control products are government-approved and safe for both bees and humans.

All our beekeepers are experienced, skilled, and trained as per the industry standards. They are capable of offering a one-time effective bees control treatment. So, do not think twice! Call us now and resolve the bee’s issues once for all.

Ways to Prevent Bees Infestation

One of the most effective ways for Bees Control Adelaide is maintaining cleanliness in and around the house. You should sweep the house and surroundings. Plus, change the dustbin bags at regular intervals. Also, wash the dust pans using disinfectants.

If the invasion is out of control, you can use an adhesive technique to remove bees and their eggs. Ensure to dispose of the adhesive bags by incinerating them.

Rinse the affected area with water above 60-degree Celsius temperature. Applying heat to the infested area will kill the bees. Make sure that the heat is sudden and not gradual, or else the bees would flee to another area.

Bees can even be removed by putting the affected material in the freezer for 10-12 hours.

You can use peppermint or cryonite. It is considered one of the best non-chemical treatments for controlling bee infestation.

You can use chemical control methods when the bees go out of control.

Dealing with bee infestation is not an easy task, and any type of negligence may lead to an outbreak that may prove difficult to control. Thus, it is advised to prevent the bees instead of eradicating them.

Ensure that the bee control company has an Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA) license. Also, make sure that dust sprays and pesticides are used only after inspecting the affected area.

Positive Pest Control Adelaide is a well-known bee control company in Adelaide and its surroundings. We can handle any type of bees, from green carpenter bees to blue band bees. Additionally, we use safe and effective products to remove them safely from your inhabitants.

Why Hire Positive Pest Control Adelaide?

We employ only experienced and certified beekeepers to ensure the safety of clients and bees during the process of relocation.

We are the leading pest control company and are known for offering the best bee removal service in Adelaide at the most affordable price.

All our beekeepers are reliable, trained, and skilled to offer you promising pest control results in a given time.

At Positive Pest Control, we believe in protecting bees. We understand how important they are for the environment. Thus, relocate them safely instead of eliminating them.

Positive Pest Control takes pride in being the first choice of homeowner and business owner for any pest infestation. Our over 20-years of experience makes us one of the most reliable pest controllers in Adelaide.

Further, you can reach us at any point in time to get advice on ways to keep these pesky pests away from your living space.

In case, the colony of bees has decided to build a hive at our home or office, give us a call immediately. We offer professional and prompt pest control service at the most affordable price. For free pest inspection and quote, call eon 0480090710. We offer service across Adelaide and its surroundings.

FAQs of Bees Control Adelaide

What to do if I got stung by a honeybee?

A bee sting can be excruciating and can swell the area stung. Some are allergic to bee stings. So, it is advised to visit a doctor and get an antihistamine.

Do bees need water?

Bees require water to regulate their body temperature. Therefore, they prefer making hives where there is easy access to a water source.

How long do bees live?

The worker bees have a lifespan of five to six weeks, and the queen lives for around two to three years.

In Australia, what are the common types of bees found?

Common types of bees found in Australia are Yellow, Black, Green Carpenter Bees, and Stingless Bees.

What to do to remove honey bees near my home?

The best way to remove bees is to call a professional beekeeper. Get in touch with our staff to experience a world-class honey bees control Adelaide service.

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