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Ants are the most common insects that infest buildings and residential properties. They do not carry or transmit any health hazards to you. But some varieties like the red ants can bite and leave stings on the body. If they are carrying germs, they can transmit those to your food. They are attracted to sweets, uncovered foods, meats, fats, etc. It is difficult to contain their infestation once they infest any substance. If you find any signs of infestation of ants on your property, contact a professional pest control company at once. Positive Pest Control Adelaide is a pest control company that provides the finest pest extermination services to people in Adelaide and surrounding areas. We provide complete eradication of ants along with identifying the source of ant infestation correctly. Getting professional help for ant control in Adelaide just got easier! Call us immediately on 0480090710 if you see any ant infestation that needs attention urgently. Or you can even fill in your information on our website and we would be more than happy to give you a call-back.

Signs to identify ant infestation.

1. Ants move in single straight lines from crevices in the walls or cavities in the roofs.

2. If the lines of ants are coming from your kitchen then there are chances, they have infested your food jars or bottles containing beverages or juices.

3. Ants secrete pheromones to attract and gather fellow ants to carry food crumbs.

4. Ants make their anthills inside gardens, attics, basements, closets, and kitchen counters, etc.

5. Anthills resemble a mound of mud or soil. Small circular piles of soil in the garden are also a sign of the presence of ants.

6. Ants also move around the foundation walls or the areas that have vegetation. Any green shrubs or vines growing on the walls may also be housing trails of ants. Some ant nests are also present in hidden places in the house.

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Get rid of ants with these tips

1. To target the ants, you first need to follow their trails.

2. Remember to store food that you keep outside, in containers that are airtight and do not have any chance for ants to enter.

3. Check the sides and edges of doors, windows, carpets and kitchen closets. Apply pest control chemicals on these surfaces for containing the growth of ants.

4. Carpenter Ants are the ones that are nocturnal and come out of their anthills only at night. So, if you check at night, you would be able to spot these ants emerging from any damaged wooden furniture inside your house along with any wooden logs and water-damaged wood kept outside the house.

5. You can get rid of the ants by spraying non-repellent insecticide on and around the trails left by ants.

6. Make sure to keep all the parts of your house clean. Do not keep the kitchen unclean. As ants breed and feed on food crumbs on the floor and kitchen counters.

7. If you have pets, then keep their food bowls clean. Letting food residues remain on the bowl also facilitates the thriving of ants and other pests.

Why Choose Us?

Positive Pest Control Adelaide is the service to reach out for getting premium pest control services. We provide excellent pest control services for the elimination of ants, termites, wasps, fleas, and numerous other pesky pests that infest our homes.

1. We are a fully insured pest control company. We possess all the necessary certifications and licenses to run a pest control business.

2. We do not have any hidden charges.

3. Our pest control technicians and specialists are accredited and highly qualified.

4. We strive to provide the most appropriate and suited pest control solutions for our clients.

5. The pest control machinery and mechanisms are highly updated and precise for providing effective pest control solutions to clients.


1. There are ants in my kitchen. How do I get rid of them?

Regular sweeping and keeping the kitchen counters, cabinets, and the other functional area inside the kitchen is the only way to keep ants away. If your ant problem is severe, then contact Positive Pest Control Adelaide on 0480090710 as soon as possible.

2. There are Argentine ants in the backyard. How do I make them go away?

These ants have huge colonies they make on surfaces of wood, trees, shrubs and debris hence it is impossible to make them go away with DIY remedies. Contact a professional pest control service provider. Book an appointment with Positive Pest Control Adelaide now.

3. How often is it recommended to get pest control for ant infestation?

The frequency of the pest control service depends on the number of times the infestation keeps recurring and the hygiene you maintain thereafter post-professional pest control procedure.

4. How long will my property take to get rid of the ant infestation?

It usually takes 2 days. But it can go upto a month for the pest control to work out completely.

5. How do I prevent a re-infestation of ants again after I have a pest control procedure done?

The easiest and best way to keep ants from coming back to your home is by keeping the house clean and not giving them the chance to reinfest. That can be achieved by washing the dirty dishes soon after use, as well as keeping your closets, attics, cupboards clean.

6. Can ants be detrimental to human beings?

That is not the case in terms of every ant species. The ants that are big in size can also cause painful wounds and irritations. They become dangerous only if you are allergic to any species. Additionally, if many ants attack you all at once in swarms that can cause anaphylactic shock.

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