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Do you have a lot of moths in your house or business? Are you worried about damage caused by moths to garments and other belongings? Are you looking for professional moth pests control Sheaoak Flat service? Contact Positive Pest Control, your one-stop shop for reliable moth control service.

At Positive Pest Control Sheaoak Flat, we guarantee to deliver personalised moth treatment that has helped many households and companies safeguard their properties from moth damage. Using pest control procedures, our well-trained specialists eliminate moths that have infested your house or workplace.

What Is the Purpose of Moth Control In Sheaoak Flat?

Humans are neither bitten or harmed by moths; they cause damage to your items and may have an indirect impact on your health. The following are some of the primary risks linked with moth infestation:

  • White moths and their green caterpillar larvae can ruin crops’. Thus, professional moth pest control Sheaoak Flat services should be employed.
  • Brown house moths feed on cereals, seeds, flours, and potatoes, contaminating them.
  • The faeces of moths can contaminate your food, causing diseases.
  • Asthma episodes can be triggered by the hairs of the caterpillar stage of the moth.
  • Clothes, carpets, and blankets are all targets for moth species. People who wear these garments and blankets may also have an allergic response.
  • Some moth species can make people feel uneasy since they are loud and disrupt your sleep.

If not treated promptly, moths can cause harm to your personal belongings and make your life more uncomfortable. As soon as you see evidence of a moth infestation, contact us right away for a moth control treatment that can restore your home’s health.

Problems Caused By A Moth Infestation

A moth is an insect that most people believe does not present an issue since it does not do any harm. Brown house moths, clothing moths, carpet moths, and other moths may all be found in and around Sheaoak Flat. These moths may infest your house or business, causing damage to your belongings and making life more difficult. The following are the most typical forms of damage:

Holes – This is the most common moth damage that most people will notice. Moths can leave multiple large holes in your garments, rendering them unrepairable.

Object destruction — In the case of massive moth infestations, the damage can be so severe that the item is either destroyed or eaten to oblivion.

Money – The most visible harm that moths may cause is to your finances. It is because fixing your damaged clothing, especially antique clothing, is incredibly expensive.

If you see any damage in your house or office, you will require moth control Sheaoak Flat treatment. Experts will assist you in inspecting and eliminating the presence of moths in your home.

How Can Positive Pest Control Assist You in Getting Rid of Moths?

We assist you in designing a specific moth control strategy for your scenario because every house and workplace is different. We employ a four-stage pest control system for all your needs, including white moth removal, brown house moth control, and other moth species treatments.

Our moth control service includes the following stages:


Our moth control professionals will visit your house for comprehensive moth monitoring at a time convenient for you. They will check every nook and cranny of your home for moths and the damage they do.

Treatment Preparation

Our pest specialists will create a customised moth management strategy to handle the problem after the moth investigation is done. The strategy will include all aspects of the moth management procedure, including projected results, total time necessary, and more. Before implementing the approach, we will inform you of the treatment plan and ensure that the intended outcome will be achieved.

The Removal

Our moth control professional will begin the pest removal process according to the treatment plan’s specifics. Throughout the moth eradication process, we also make sure to utilise safe and certified treatments.

Preventive Actions

In addition to managing and removing moths, we recommend that you take certain preventative actions to avoid moth infestations in the future. Store garments in airtight storage areas, clean the floors thoroughly, wash and dry the items regularly are some of the moth infestation prevention recommendations.

Why Choose Us for Moth Control in Sheaoak Flat?

At Positive Pest Control Sheaoak Flat, we are committed to delivering pest control services that help you achieve a healthy environment and protect your health. Our services will completely fit your expectations.

  • Hassle-free moth pest control Sheaoak Flat services
  • There are no hidden fees.
  • Payment choices that are convenient for you
  • Appointments that fit your schedule
  • Fully licenced and insured service
  • Certified and pleasant technicians


1. How can I get rid of moths naturally from my residence in Australia?

Answer: Clean the shelves well with warm soapy water before wiping them clean with a 50-50 solution of white vinegar and warm water to remove any residual eggs. Adding peppermint oil to the vinegar rinse will help prevent pantry moth infestations in the future.

2. What is the reason for so many moths during spring in my abode?

Answer: The days get longer and warmer as spring progresses, prompting moths to emerge from concealment and achieve their main aim in life: reproduction. Higher temperatures have been shown to speed up the reproductive cycles of clothing moths, making infestations more severe.

3. What is the best way to deal with a moth infestation?

Answer: Here’s how to deal with a moth infestation like a pro.

Step 1: Get rid of any contaminated clothes.

Step 2: Wash contaminated items or freeze them.

Step 3: Vacuum your drawers or closet.

Step 4: Use a moth-proofing spray.

Step 5: Apply pesticide.

Step 6: Take precautionary measures.

Step 7: Maintain vigilance.

4. How can moths get access to your home?

Answer: If you locate a solitary moth in your house, it was most likely brought in through the window. However, if you are bombarded with them, the larvae were most likely transported into the house by someone’s purchases or clothing.

5. Is it possible to get rid of moths by washing the carpet?

Carpet moths may be killed by steam washing. It is one of the most successful and non-toxic methods for eradicating carpet moths. Apply steam up to 120°F to upholstered furniture and carpets for more than 30 minutes to kill carpet moths with a steam cleaner. Still, if you are unable to remove them, hire a professional. Call on 0480090710  now!

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