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Once a possum enters your property, you have a little choice either to live with it or remove it from the entire area. Positive Pest Control Adelaide is a leading pest control company and understands that possum needs to be taken at a substantial distance away, or else they will return to their home. The reason is that possum is territorial, relocation is not always successful.

Possums are protected species under the Wildlife Act of 1975. Positive Pest Control Adelaide is an expert in possum removal safely. All the services that we offer are available at affordable prices. Also, we provide effective, safe, and same-day services. We are experts in exorcising all types of possums from your property. 

Why choose us?

To be safe from rabbits, cats, and dogs, possums get trapped in the roof or other sections of the home. At times, you can even notice the corpse of possums behind the wall; or even find it difficult to trace the dead body of the possums.

You can easily identify whether or not the possums have died in your property, or nearby, as you witness a foul stink for about 2 months. Furthermore, there would be an accumulation of flies, bacteria, and worms over the carcass. When you get any of the indications, you need to avail yourself of our possum removal Adelaide services immediately. At Positive Pest Control Adelaide, our professionals are working 24×7 hours, with complete guaranteed results and full safety to you and your family. With the help of advanced technologies and eco-friendly methods, we eliminate possums from your property.

After the completion of the procedure, our experts sanitize that place so that no odour should be left there. If you wish to wipe out possums without any damage to your property contacts us at 0480090710. We are happy to serve possum removal Adelaide at an affordable price.

The characteristics that set us apart:

24×7 emergency and same-day services are delivered from our end.

15 years of experience in removing possum.

Perform safe possum control techniques

100% guaranteed results and customer satisfaction

Our professionals use advanced tools for possum removal in Adelaide

We promise 100% customer satisfaction

We have IICRC certified and licensed technicians with us

We cover areas in Adelaide

Process We Perform for Possum Removal Adelaide:

To effectively remove possums from your property, we experience the following procedure:

Remove possum trapped in your roof

Take out possum from the chimney

Locate and remove dead possums

Take away rats from your property

Environmental possums removal

Why should you hire experts for possum removal in Adelaide?

Creatures like possums can be dangerous. You may know that the presence of possums is greatly disturbed when they scurry in your attics and roofs at night. It is difficult to fall asleep with such noises in the house. These creatures are nocturnal meaning they are active at night than in the day. It is difficult to catch possums by yourself. For possum removal in Adelaide, we suggest you hire experts as they are more worthwhile. They have the required knowledge and skills to deal with releasing of such pests and animals. Hiring experts in the job is necessary for the whole removal process so that no one gets hurt.

Further, Possums carry germs and microbes on their bodies that can spread diseases. Possum removal when done by experts is also followed by sanitization and disinfection of the site which facilitates the elimination of any kind of germ the animal was carrying.

Moreover, appointing a team of possum removal controllers saves you precious time because they are well aware and trained to understand the possible whereabouts and hiding places of the animal. At Positive Pest Control Adelaide, our experts can quickly locate the possum and release it from your property. In short, we help you restore a goodnight’s sleep.

Tips to help deter possums from your property:

We suggest you take the following steps to limit the likelihood of possum nesting on your roof.

It is essential to reduce if there are any loose branches or foliage.

We all know that these furry creatures are good climbers, so if there are branches it gives easy access to them.

Seal if there are any gaps in the tiles and roofing. You must be careful after heavy winds or stormy weather as these possums can enter through these gaps to seek shelter.

Place some nesting boxes around if there are any trees in the surroundings. This will help you because possums will make their residence in the boxes and stay away from your house.

Planning to hire possum removal in Adelaide? Our licensed, authorized technicians are here to help! Positive Pest Control Adelaide starts with a detailed valuation of the problem. We follow an approach that is comprehensive and effective while conducting possum removal in Adelaide. Stay rest assured, once we remove possums and upon permanently sealing, you will have a peaceful household again.

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1. How do I deal with possums that run on my roof at night?

You can cut off the foliage or trim the loose tree branches near the roof so that the possum does not climb onto the roof.

2. What damage can a possum cause?

For removing dead possums from your roof, contact Positive Pest Control

Adelaide. They would remove them from your roof and also sanitize the site.

3. Would the possum re-enter my property once removed?

No, our technicians seal the holes on the roof which were the possum’s entry points. Also, we take them at a substantial distance away. Moreover, our technicians skilfully remove any other vegetation, which was used by it for entering your commercial and residential property.

4. What damage can be caused by a possum on the roof?

Possum can urinate on the roof; this can result in yellow stains on the walls and ceilings, making it look dull, shabby, and stinky.

5. Can we kill the possum?

Killing possum is illegal under the Wildlife Act of 1975. You can only remove the possum but killing it is banned.

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