Wasp Control Service Adelaide

Wasp Control Adelaide

Wasps are harmful creatures, and you should not ignore one if you see one on your premises. Wasps create homes in residential and commercial areas. They create nests by creating holes in the ground. Some other varieties make nests hanging on trees. You may easily find a pack of wasps or wasps nests in the gardens and outdoor areas of the house. The smallest noise or intrusion can make wasps go into attack mode. Additionally, they bite in packs at whoever passes by their nests making the place potentially dangerous.  Hence the health conditions they can trigger become more serious too. They also chew into plasterboards of the buildings adjacent to their nests which is a potential cause of damage to the building structure.

We at Positive Pest Control Adelaide are the pest control service provider you should reach out for in times of any wasp infestation. We specialize in wasp control, ant control, possum removal, termite control, borer control, spider control, etc. in Adelaide. Our technicians reach your doorstep soon after you confirm your appointment with us. Our company works round the clock to provide you with emergency services in case of pest infestation. Call us on 0480090710 for more details and a free quote.

Wasp Control Process followed at Positive Pest Control Adelaide

1. Estimation of infestation – The technicians use their equipment to find out the extent of wasp infestation and go to the root of it to devise an appropriate wasp management plan. They also have a detailed discussion with you, our client about its execution.

2. Wasp elimination – We make sure that every trace of infestation and any traces of wasp eggs are removed entirely. For that, we use insecticidal solutions in conjunction with other pest control techniques for effective and immediate eradication of wasps without causing any harm to anyone. The well-being of our clients is at the center of all our activities. Hence, the products we use for the eradication of wasps from your property are eco-friendly and sustainable.

3. Re-assessment – Our technicians visit your premises in a few weeks again to check if there is any new infestation of wasps after the wasp control was done in your Adelaide premises. They provide you with preventative guidelines to protect the place from getting infested again.

Services we Offer.

Wasp Control/ Removal

Moth Control

Bedbug Removal

Flea Control

Rodent Control

Borer Control

Possum Removal

Ant Control

Cockroach Control

Bird Control Nesting

Silverfish Control

Wasps Prevention Tips by Positive Pest Control Adelaide

it is never a good idea to deal with wasps control in your Adelaide home on your own. It is neither safe nor sensible to do so. It is always reasonable to hire a professional pest control company for long-lasting results. Read on to know the tips to follow brought to you by Positive Pest Control Adelaide once wasp control has been done by professional pest control technicians:

1. You can use herbal or natural repellents on your own for keeping the wasps from laying eggs inside your property or garden.

2. At all times, make sure to keep the garbage collection areas and containers clean and closed tightly.

3. Seal all possible entry points of wasps near windows and open places.

4. Trim shrubs and plants regularly to keep them from growing and housing wasps on them.

5. If you already have had a wasp control procedure for your Adelaide home before, make sure to spray insecticides on the eaves of the house. That is where the wasps are likely to make nests.

6. If you happen to come across any wasps or nests then contact Positive Pest Control Adelaide immediately to keep wasps from growing in numbers and harming you and your family.

Why Choose Us?

Positive Pest Control Adelaide is a local pest control company based in Adelaide. We have been serving our clients for decades and have gained their trust and confidence with our hard work and quality services.

1. The extermination products and cleaning chemicals we use are approved by the government and safe for kids, pets, and the elderly.

2. Our wasp control technicians are prompt, efficient, and quick at doing their job of eliminating wasps and other annoying pests from your house.

3. We make sure to perform the pest control without intruding your privacy.

4. Our company also offers same day pest control services to customers who are in need of it.

5. Our pest control services are priced at extremely affordable prices as we do not believe in over-charging our customers.


Positive Pest Control Adelaide has your back in any of your pest emergencies! We are just a call away to provide you professional and efficient pest control services.


1. How do I identify a wasp nest?

Wasps make nests that are layered and made out of saliva and chewed up wood. Their nests are built in hollow and empty structures, roofs, walls, tunnels deep inside the ground and also on trees, shrubs, porches etc.

2. What happens if you accidentally kill a wasp?

If you kill one, then it will attract swarms of wasps. Wasps are also known to attack people in swarms. Any which way it is best to hire professional pest control experts who specialize in wasp control. Contact Positive Pest Control Adelaide for safe removal of wasps.

 3. What type of pests are treated by your pest control company?

We provide long-term pest control solutions for wasps, rats, rodents, moles, rabbits, ants, bed bugs and many more. Visit our website for more information.

4. What are the working hours of Positive Pest Control Adelaide?

We are well aware that pest control emergencies can hit our customers at anytime. We function round the clock, even on weekends and public holidays. And hence you can contact us whenever you require pest control services.

5. Are your wasp control treatments the same for every case?

No. Our pest and wasp control treatments Adelaide vary according to different cases. We at Positive Pest Control Adelaide provide customized treatments according to the extent of the damage and type of pest infestation.

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