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Silverfish are small silvery insects, usually found throughout Australia in a dark quiet environment. The most active in the night are these insects. They live mainly in humid areas like your cellars, storerooms, wall cavities and most of your house’s vacant areas. They can cause damage if you try to find them at home. In order to help with the elimination of the problem, we should always contact Positive Pest Control Adelaide, who specialise in the control of silverfishes.

Why choose us?

At Positive Pest Control Adelaide, we offer an exclusive treatment for silverfish control that includes ending the pest in your property and continuing prevention procedures. Our expert team is following a standardised treatment procedure to ensure a healthy, safe environment for you.

Due to our commitment and our focus on the latest equipment’s and methods, our company distinguishes from others in our Adelaide Silverfish Control. We offer you the following attributes that greatly suit your needs:

Control technicians certified and licenced for silverfish

24×7 emergency services or silverfish removal services on one day.

Extermination team of professional silverfishes

Eco-friendly, safe, and hassle-free treatments

Guaranteed 100% satisfaction.

How to detect the infestation of silverfish?

Silverfish hide in the day and go out to eat at night making it hard to find. However we have technicians at Positive Pest Control Adelaide who are experts to identify and stop the infestation of silver-fish.

Here are a few signs given to identify the infestation in the home by our qualified silverfish control team in Adelaide:

Silverfish can cause wallpaper holes, clothes and other valuables. Therefore it is high time to call our Silverfish control team from Adelaide if you notice hole on your favourite wall.

Yellowish spots

Yellow spots on fabrics, wallpapers, and books are caused by silverfish.

Check for infestation signs on clothes

Cotton, silk, and linen eat silverfish. Therefore, look for signs of infestation and your closets.

Check for glue places

Gum and glue are loved by Silverfish. See the furniture joints and other areas where glue could be present.

Humidity control zones

Silverfish would prefer to stay in wet places like sinks, baths and washbasins. Search for these infestation areas.

Boxes of carton

The most popular places to stay are carton boxes, bookbinding and magazines. See these places to make sure you don’t have silverfish infestation.

How do I get rid of the infestation of silverfish?

One can get rid of silverfish with the help of following points:

Humidity Built-up Avoid:

Silverfish loves wet and damp spots, but it can produce desired results if you can prevent moisture from being built up in your premises. In order to secure a moisture free home, pipe leaks can be checked, dehumidifiers used and ventilation properly maintained at home.

Cleaning of the vacuum:

The use of vacuum cleaners regularly helps to remove pesticides from cracks and wall gaps. For silverfish inspection, you can also hire Positive Pest Control Adelaide


Moisture attracts silverfish and desiccates in things such as clothing and books.

Using Pest Control Chemicals

The use of borate powder and sprays can be used to remove infestation from your premises.

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Adelaide’s easy tips for controlling silverfish infestation

After a few simple tips, silverfish from your property can be eradicated. Includes the following:

Avoid leaving paper stacks long unattended

Regularly clean your storage rooms.

Repairing any gaps or cracks in walls or floors

Use food stored airtight conveyors.

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Silverfish control preventive measures

Chemical sprays in areas infested with silverfish help to remove these plagues. In the kitchen, storage and damp areas apply the spray and let the spray dry out. Make sure that your pet or children are first in a safe place.

Cyber WP: Chemical dust is also used to eliminate pests. Cyber WP is a chemical dust that can be found on dark surfaces and applied generously at the spring spots and infested corners.

Pest Baits: Pest appetites attract the silverfish. Using the cookies, silverfish dies instantly. Positive Pest Control Adelaide therefore recommends that locals try to place appetites before using professional services to control silverfish in Adelaide.

Feel free to use these tips to remove infestation with silverfish in your home. However, in the case of insufficient methods, rely on Positive Pest Control Adelaide. Our team of skilled professionals is safe and effective in eradicating all kinds of infestation.

We are the best pest control company in Adelaide with fast 24×7 and year-round services. Talk to our manager or book our services for further information today!


1. If there is an infestation in my place, can silverfish harm me?

No direct harm to humans is done by silverfish. It can, however, lead to asthma attacks and allergic reactions. Or in some cases the consumption of infected foodstuffs may cause illness.

2. How can your property be damaged by silverfish?

Silverfish can ruin your carpet with your wallpaper, food items, photo albums and clothes of cotton, cereals, and silk clothes! They can damage your clothing and property a lot.

3. How can an insect infestation be identified?

Look for droppings, wiggles, skin or tissue, and live specimens. There is certainly an infestation if you notice any of them.

4. How can I guard against silverfish my property?

For many reasons, you can save your property in sealed containers for foodstuffs, vacuum often, avoid any excess storage of paper, spoils and treatment and use dehumidifiers to keep your property free from insects. But above all, it is the most effective way to prevent future infestation to hire an Adelaide Silverfish Control professional service.

5. Is silverfish control Adelaide expensive affair?

At Positive Pest Control Adelaide, we offer reasonable pest control services, so you need not worry. To get a free quote, please contact us at 0480090710.

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