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Moth Control Adelaide

Moth appears harmless as it doesn’t do direct harm to humans. However, moths can cause heavy destruction to stored clothing and food. Detecting the moth’s presence is slightly difficult as they remain hidden in the dark corners of storage and pantry.  The presence of moths yields destructive results to business owners especially, bakeries, flour mills, and clothing stores. Moths breed and grow in such places leading the owners to suffer from heavy losses. Put an end to your misery with Positive Pest Control Adelaide!

We are the best pest control service providers in Adelaide. Positive Pest Control Adelaide provides moth control services to both residential and commercial customers.

Risks of Moth Infestation

The feces of moths can contaminate your food. Consuming such food unknowingly can cause serious illness.

Moths are found on clothes like carpets, blankets, and fur. They can destroy expensive clothing and trigger skin allergies as well.

Moths are present in various shapes, colors, and sizes that make them difficult to spot and perform moth control Adelaide.

Despite having a short lifespan of two weeks, moths can do enormous damage to businesses like flour mills, and bakeries.

Identifying and understanding the signs of moth infestation often takes time, and meanwhile, moth leaves no places untouched in your house or workplace.

When moths remain in their caterpillar stage their body has hairs that trigger asthma.

Among the thousands of moth species, only a handful destroys our belongings. Avoid living with destructive moths by relying on Positive Pest Control Adelaide!

Types of Australian Moths

Moth identification is a challenge, but having some information can help in effective moth control Adelaide. Commonly, moth infestation is of four types:

Larvae of moth that have spotless wings of straw color are known for creating holes in clothing.

Then there are larvae of a moth that has 3 spots on their dark-colored wings also damages clothes.

The larvae of brown winged moths with uneven spots cause heavy destruction to leather and woolen items.

The white-head moths are commonly spotted feeding on the food item. Their speckled wings are another identification mark.

Signs of Moth Infestation

Identifying moths is a challenge, but it is not impossible. These pests leave signs that can be read and understood. Find out the signs of moth infestation with Positive Pest Control Adelaide:

Moths in Pantry: Small moths can be found in the pantry and any other area of the house or commercial space. They fly around a specific area. When you notice their presence, immediately call for moth control Adelaide.

Silky Tube-like holders: When moth larvae are small, they remain inside these silky structures that look like a tube. If you spot these strange things in your pantry feel free in seeking professional assistance.

Crawling Moths: Adult moths crawl in your house and don’t usually fly. Call Positive Pest Control Adelaide for moth control and inspection services.

Presence of white caterpillar and cocoons: When dry food items are left in the corner of your pantry for a long time, it becomes a habitat for moth caterpillars. Even at the sight of a cocoon, you should get your house inspected for a moth infestation.

Treatment of Moth Infestation in Adelaide

Preventing moths in the initial stage is better than getting rid of them after they are heavily infested.  As the consequences of moth infestation are horrible, seeking professional assistance from Positive Pest Control Adelaide is the right thing to do.

As moth enters your premises they look for a suitable place for laying eggs. Usually, their hiding corners are wardrobes and unused corners that we don’t check regularly.

Being alert and cautious helps in preventing every kind of pest infestation. Develop a habit of cleaning pantry and storage areas now and then. The use of pest control baits is also helpful in keeping moths away. For more information on moth control, feel free in contacting Positive Pest Control Adelaide’s experts!

Business owners, industries, and commercial enterprises must avail services for moth control Adelaide, for avoiding inventory destruction and losses.

DIY Tips for Moth Control Adelaide

Keep a check on the dark corners of wardrobes and the kitchen especially during summers.

Develop a habit of storing your clothing in sealed bags. Moths get attracted to dirty clothing like woolen pieces, furs, carpets, and blankets.

Always keep mothballs in the storage spaces especially the wardrobes.

Controlling adult moths is difficult. Put more attention to larvae as they contaminate stored food items.

Keep leftover food in airtight containers, and avoid leaving food unattended for a long time.

Use the nozzle for vacuuming the corners of the pantry and cupboards. It helps in removing cocoons and small moth larvae.

Moth remains hidden in dark and damp corners, so make sure sunlight and air reach all such corners in your house.

The use of window screens is suggested for preventing moth intrusion.

If all the above DIY tips give unsatisfactory results, seek professional help from Positive Pest Control Adelaide. We the industry leader providing unbeatable moth control services all across Adelaide. Contact us for getting rid of moths infestation from your house or workplace. Give us a call 0480090710 and book our services now!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do moths take in infesting a house?

Moths breed continuously, and within a span of a week or two, your house can be heavily infested. Be a little cautious and seek professional help from Positive Pest Control Adelaide for moth control.

2. What kind of food items are liked by moths?

Moths are usually found intervening in flour mills and bakeries. Therefore, their favorite food items are flour, grains, cocoa powder, coffee, and so on.

3. Are moths dangerous for humans?

Yes. Moth caterpillars can trigger asthma, whereas consumption of feces can lead to sickness. Clothes destroyed by moths can also cause allergic reactions to humans.

4. Can you arrive on weekends for moth eradication?

Yes. The team of Positive Pest Control Adelaide remains available 24×7 all around the year. We provide services on weekends and public holidays as well. Feel free in calling us at 0480090710!

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