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Effective End of Lease Pest Control in Adelaide

A landlord is legally bonded to present a clean and pest-free home to their tenants. In the same way, tenants need to clean the house completely before giving it back to the landlord. This is written in the tenant agreement and everyone needs to follow the rules written in the agreement to avoid any trouble.

This means that providing a pest-free home is part of this legal requirement. If the occupant has a dog or cat, the pest control treatment must be completed to release the bond.  It is often the case that new tenants have just moved into the house and know that they are sharing the house with pests. This has the potential to become a source of conflict and can create significant stress for all parties. Disputes are known to escalate to where they have to be resolved in a home tenancy court.

Therefore, you need a professional pest control service that is quick and trustworthy. Positive Pest Control Adelaide is what you are looking for. We provide instant pest control services in all areas of Adelaide. We are known for our best services of end of lease pest control in Adelaide. Connect with us now and book our excellent end of lease pest control services.

Why Choose Us for End of Lease Pest Control in Adelaide?

Positive Pest Control Adelaide has been the product of choice for all customers due to its honesty and transparency, providing excellent pest control services to all customers. Our main purpose is to eliminate all types of pests at the customer’s location. We participate to provide the best pest control services throughout Adelaide.

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We are known for our reliability and the best services of end of lease pest control in Adelaide. We aim to provide complete customer satisfaction by eliminating all the hidden pests. We help you to make that place completely pest-free for you. So, call us now for booking our top-notch pest control services. You can call us anytime and book services for end of lease pest control. We are open on weekends and public holidays too. If you think the end of lease pest control is costly then call us and ask for a free quotation to get an idea of the cost. Hurry up!

Our Pest Control Methods

People need to understand that every pest is different and use a variety of advanced technologies and methods to get rid of these nasty creatures. Our expert technicians have several years of experience in this field and are familiar with all methods of getting rid of all kinds of pests. Our friendly team explains the techniques we use to get rid of pests at home. Before that, we have described each of the popular methods for controlling pests below.

Fumigation Method

Fumigation involves the control of pests by special gases, liquids and solids. This method eliminates all pests regardless of pest type. These gases and chemicals reach every nook and cranny, killing even the smallest pests lurking everywhere. The fumigation methods use a machine to expand the gas or liquid into the infected area. This helps get rid of fleas and flying pests. This is an effective way to kill invisible hidden bugs in a hassle-free way.

Pesticide Spray

Our experts will survey the outbreak area to determine the types of pests causing the problem. This method is about spraying pesticides in infected areas. In most cases, pesticides are effective in killing all kinds of pests. However, only certified professionals can use these methods. Therefore, be sure to entrust this work to professionals only.

Heat Treatment

In this method, high-intensity heat is generated and spreads to infected areas. This allows pests to escape from hidden nests. Once the pests are removed, they are easy to handle. We possess advanced machinery, tools, and technology used to generate heat and control insects.

To avail of our services, connect with our staff now. We guarantee the result. Also, we understand that leaving a rental place can be a headache and you may have many other tasks to complete. Hence, call us for same-day end of lease pest control services and we will make the place pest-free in a single day without any complications.

Benefits of End of Lease Pest Control Services

By availing of our end of lease pest control services, you will be free from any troubles caused by the landlord or your next tenant if you are a landlord. Leaving the place cleaned and providing a rental place that is safe and secure is your responsibility. By hiring end of lease services, you will have good relations with the landlord or tenants. Call Positive Pest Control Adelaide now to book services.

We at Positive Pest Control Adelaide strive to provide safe and inexpensive services with our trustworthy and skilled employees. Based on many years of experience, skilled pest control and advanced technology, we provide complete customer satisfaction. We always identify the root cause of the occurrence of pests and eliminate the root cause for complete pest control treatments. Call us now for the end of lease pest control in Adelaide.


1. Who is responsible for doing pest control in rental property?

This depends on what is written in the agreement. You need to check the rental agreement to find the answer to this.

2. Why should I pay for the landlord’s rental place’s pest control and other services?

The financial responsibility of end lease pest control is mentioned in the rental agreement. However, in most cases, the landlord is financially responsible for such services.

3. Can I use DIY techniques for end of lease pest control?

You can but the past may reappear and this will trouble you with your agreement and may lead to arguments with the landlord.  A better way, call professionals and be done with the formalities.

4. Can I skip the end of lease pest control?

No. If the end of lease pest control is mentioned in the agreement then you can’t just skip it and leave. If you do so, you may be legally penalized or your landowner may irritate you or have a fight with you for such behaviour. If you are a place owner and do not give a pest-free place to your tenants then they may file a complaint. So, it is better to do the formalities mentioned in the agreement and hire professionals for end of lease pest control.

5. Can you conduct end of lease pest control service in a single day?

Yes. For this, you are required to call our staff and mention your situation and get same day services. We are available on weekends and public holidays too. You can call us at any hour and talk to our staff about your situation and book the services. Once the services are booked, we will send expert pest controllers to your place for the best end of lease pest control service.

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