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Is rodent infestation on your property a matter of concern? Are you looking for a rodent control Adelaide Airport firm? Contact Positive Pest Control right now to get rid of rats in your home.

At Positive Pest Control Adelaide Airport, we recognise that pest control is an inconvenience and requires service on a regular basis. As of our built surroundings, contemporary living, and our shared ‘Australian way of life,’ most houses and businesses require rodent pest control services.

The process of choosing the correct rodent control firm can be challenging; especially when there is an abundance of technical information and promises of incredible superiority and knowledge. To provide the greatest pest control experience possible, Positive Pest Control focuses on giving practical advantages.

The Most Common Rodent Species Found in Adelaide Airport

There are more than 60 native rodent species in Australia and three invasive species. They are extremely successful animals due to their ability to eat a broad variety of foods, their tiny size, and their short reproduction cycle.

The following common pest rodent species may be found in Victoria:

Roof rat – These black-coloured rats are adept climbers and establish their nests in roof spaces and structures. They have a lifespan of 9 to 12 months.

Norway rat — These brown-coloured rats live for 9-12 months and are active at night.

House mouse — These brown or grey-coloured rodents may be found both indoors and outdoors, but they prefer to be near to humans. They have a 12-month lifetime.

Rodent infestations may create a variety of health problems in humans and pets, thus professional one-hour pest control Adelaide Airport company is required in every home and company in Adelaide Airport.

Advantages of Rodent Control Services

Rodents are a type of pest that may be exceedingly destructive and constitute a severe health and safety risk. By gnawing or biting electrical lines, they may start a fire. Furthermore, they may leave contaminated food, excrement, hair, and urine after consuming your meal.

Books, buildings, furniture, and even electrical gadgets are all damaged by them. Bubonic plague, Hantavirus, Typhus, Infectious Jaundice, Leptospirosis, Trichinosis, Salmonellosis, Pulmonary Fever, and Rat-Bite Fever are all diseases spread by rodents. Rodents are burrowing critters that wreak havoc on appliances, buildings, utilities, furnishings, and automobiles.

You can get rid of these destructive pests by engaging our pest management professionals for rodent control in Adelaide Airport. You will not have to worry about the hazards described above if you get rid of rats from your home. So, give us a call right now to book our exceptional services. However, you may even order a one-hour pest control Adelaide Airport service. Just contact our team to get rid of these pesky critters.

The Best Rodent Control Adelaide Airport

Are you fed up with the growing rat population in your house and the damage it causes? Do you believe rodents are affecting your family’s or workers’ health? Are you in need of professional rodent treatment Adelaide Airport?

Positive Pest Control Adelaide Airport is your one-stop-shop for effective rat and mouse control. To eliminate the rodent population surrounding your house, we employ cutting-edge strategies and technology.

We have created an outstanding name by offering many years of professional service in Adelaide Airport, which includes cockroach treatment, termite control, and bed bug control.

Our Rodent Pest Control Process

Our exterminator experts will carry out the operation according to the plan. Various types of traps, adhesive boards, fumigation, rodenticides, bristle strips, and other treatments are routinely used in combination. As we love our clients, their families, and the environment, we prefer to give non-chemically effective solutions.

1. Rodent Inspection

When you call Positive Pest Control to report a rat infestation, one of our certified pest control experts will visit your house and do a comprehensive inspection. They will determine the type of rodent, the severity of the problem, rat nests, and the extent of the property damage during the evaluation.

2. Rodent Removal Plan

We will build a customised rodent treatment strategy based on the findings to restore the health of your surroundings. The type of rat or mouse removal solution utilised, the treatment’s target outcome, the procedure timing, and any occupant recommendations will all be included in the treatment approach.

We will discuss the treatment approach before beginning the rodent treatment, Adelaide Airport.

3. Post-Treatment Inspection

Once our one-hour pest control Adelaide Airport technicians complete the treatment, they come back after a few days to reinspect the property for any signs of rodent infestation.

Symptoms of a Rodent Problem

It is conceivable that you would not notice the rodents in and around your home until it is too late. If you see any of the following, you might come to this conclusion:

  • Bites and chewing marks on food containers
  • Rodents nest on the premises using shredded fabric, paper, or plant waste.
  • Holes drilled in the walls and the floors.
  • Rodent droppings on floors, near packed goods, in cupboards, and other places
  • Stale odours from the property’s hidden areas.

Why should you choose us for rodent treatment, Adelaide Airport?

Positive Pest Control Adelaide Airport is a well-known pest control firm in Adelaide Airport, Australia. We are well-known for our ability to eliminate all forms of pests, and our superior pest management and control.

  • Professionally trained and certified pest controllers
  • 24/7 availability for emergency and the same-day rodent pest control services
  • Excellent customer support system
  • Reliable methods and techniques for rodent control Adelaide Airport
  • Safe and eco-friendly chemicals

Do not wait for too long. Contact us right away to get rid of rats from your property.


1. Why do you want to get rid of rodents?

Answer: Rodents are disruptive and can produce a variety of harmful consequences. They may contaminate your food, and by chewing the wires, they can cause damage to electrical gadgets, which might result in a fire.

2. Is it expensive to get rid of rodents?

Answer: No. Positive Pest Control Adelaide Airport provides cost-effective services. To obtain an idea of our price, you can call on 0480090710 and get a free quote.

3. Is it possible to engage specialists to remove dead rats?

Answer: Yes. Even dead rats might be hazardous to your health and hygiene. That is why, while removing dead rats or rodents, it is usually a good idea to seek expert assistance.

4. How can I get rid of a rodent problem?

Answer: To keep rats out, seal holes both inside and outside the house. It might be as easy as using steel wool to fill minor holes or mending gaps in the interior or outside walls. Remove any possible rodent nesting places, such as leaf heaps and heavy mulch from your yard.

5. Do you offer pest control service on weekends?

Answer: Yes! We are available 24×7 to offer pest control service, even on public holidays and weekends.

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